integrated approach to teaching about Africa

Teach Africa is an innovative and essential program that responds to the demands of an increasingly globalized world, and addresses the lack of Africa education in the curricula of schools throughout the United States.

The Challenge

An Integrated World

In the coming years, relations between the U.S. and Africa will directly affect well over one billion people. Perhaps now, more than ever, the life of every American is inextricably shaped by what happens in other regions of the world. Given the current integrated nature of international affairs, it is especially important that we equip our youth and students with the knowledge, skills and values required to live and work competitively in a global environment.

Our Solution

An integrated Approach

The values and mindset developed by the Teach Africa program are not only necessary for inevitable interaction with the international community; they are equally important to basic, everyday interactions in our schools, work environments, shopping centers, and neighborhoods.

The most effective time to dispel negative stereotypes and correct misperceptions about Africa is in our classrooms. It is proven that there is not enough Africa focused education in our classrooms today and the Teach Africa program is working to change that.

Diversity has always been one of America’s greatest strengths. The Teach Africa program is even more essential today because it fosters a culture and mindset of understanding and partnership that embraces and celebrates our plurality.

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